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What jobs are available?

The Library could not function without the help of our wonderful student workers. The library hires students as Archives Assistants, Research and Technology Assistants, Digital Media Lab Assistants, and Evening and Weekend Supervisors.

Archives Assistant -The Archives Student Assistant performs duties related to the indexing, arrangement, and description of historical collections held by the College Archives and Methodist Archives.

Research and Technology Assistant -Helps library users find information and use software; checks books in and out; collects fine and other payments; re-shelves books; operates printers and photocopiers; retrieves reserve readings and interlibrary loan materials; opens and closes the building; answers telephone; work schedule includes nights and weekends; other duties as  needed. 

Digital Media Lab Assistant -Responsible for helping students and faculty use Mac computers, digital video cameras, tripods, sound recording equipment, scanners, Final Cut video editing software, iMovie and other video editing software.  Performs weekly inventory and maintenance of audiovisual equipment. 

Evening and Weekend Supervisors -Function as Research and Technology Assistants but have additional supervisory duties. Supervisors are normally chosen from student workers already employed by the library.

See the job descriptions to the right for more information about each of these positions.
Will I really just be paid to study?
No. There may be times when you are able to study but you will be expected to work while on duty. The daily operation of the library would not be possible without the work done by our student workers. Please read and understand our Student Assistant Guidelines before applying. You will be required to sign a contract agreeing to these guidelines if you are hired.
Do I need previous library experience?
No. Although previous library work experience is helpful, it is not necessary. You will be fully trained if you are hired.
How many students does the library hire?
The library employs about ten to twelve student workers during the fall and spring semesters. We get many more applications than we are able to fill.
What hours will I work if hired?
Students work an average of ten to fifteen hours per week when school is in session in Fall and Spring semesters. Your schedule will be determined by your supervisor each semester based on your schedule and library needs. Nights and weekends may be required.

During exam week the library is normally open an extended schedule. You will be required to work during exam week, but your schedule will be different than the regular semester schedule.

In addition to your work during the Fall and Spring semesters all of our workers must addend our mandatory training in August the week before Fall semester starts. You will be paid for your time and will get to move into the dorms early.

How do I apply?

Applications will normally be accepted once per year the week after registration in April for students wishing to begin work during in the following Fall Semester.  We are accepting applications for Research and Technology Assistants for Fall 2014 at the front desk from April 14th-18th 2014. Late applications will not be accepted. Note that you will be required to attend a training session in August, a few days before school starts. You will be able to move in early and will be compensated for your meals and your time.

Our student workers tend to work for us for several years, so we normally do not have any open positions at the start of Spring semester. Announcements will be placed on College Central and the Library Home page when we have positions available.

You must complete the following two forms in order to apply. Submit the completed forms at the library front desk in an envelope addressed to Molly McManus during the time periods listed above. Applications submitted other than the times listed above will not be considered.

We will not be able to hire everyone who applies. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. If you are not selected, it may be because your availability did not meet our needs. Applications are not kept on file from year to year, but you may apply again the following year if you are not selected the first time you apply.

Job Requirements
Student Workers are expected to:
  • ATTEND TRAINING IN AUGUST. In addition to your work during the Fall and Spring semesters all of our workers must addend our mandatory training in August the week before Fall semester starts. You will be paid for your time and will get to move into the dorms early.
  • BE ATTENTIVE— Have a great customer service attitude and handle all requests in a timely, courteous, helpful, and caring manner.
  • BE RESPONSIBLE— Show responsibility in every aspect of your job while on duty. Cover your assigned shift or find a replacement if you cannot. Dress neatly and appropriately. Attend scheduled meetings. Respond to emails from your supervisor. Overall, know your specific job-related duties, and ask questions if you are unsure.
  • LEARN LIBRARY PROCEDURES AND RESOURCES — The library will provide training for student workers after which you are expected to demonstrate knowledge of library resources. You should also know the policies and procedures that govern the Library, what activities are taking place, where things are located, and who to call if you don't know.
  • KEEP STUDENT AND FACULTY INFORMATION CONFIDENTIAL— You will be asked to read and sign a Confidentiality Statement pledging not to disclose any patron information to anyone.
  • BE COMMITTED — When you accept your position, you become a representative of the Library. You should act as a good team player and carry out your responsibilities to the best of your abilities, always trying to improve yourself and the services we provide.
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