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Where in the library can I find Ethnographies

There is no one place in the library to find ethnographies. There are many books in the library that are ethnographies and other ethnographic studies will be found in journal articles.

To find books that are or include ethnographies, search the online catalog. One term to search is "Ethnology" as the subject heading. Most of the subheadings are divided by a particular region or country. Another subject heading to try is "Indigenous peoples." For this subject heading, as well, the most useful books would likely be those found under a particular geographic sub-heading.

Unfortunately, the catalog record for many ethnographies do not use either of those terms, so if you know that name of the individual ethnic group and people, search by that name instead. Keep in mind, however, that the name you think of may not be the name used in the Subject Heading. For example, for Ibo the Subject Heading is Igbo (African people). Fortunately, there are many see references, if you guess the wrong term.

In the stacks, many ethnographies are found in the GNs, where much of the anthropology collection is found, but others will be found in D (world history) or E and F (History of the Americas).

A periodical database to try is JSTOR .  You are better off typing in the name of the ethnic group or people in most of the databases, since ethnology and ethnography are most often used in articles that discuss the terms theoretically.  Also try the Anthropology/Sociology Databases list.

If you need help identifying ethnic groups and peoples or getting some background information about them, you can explore the reference collection Encyclopedia of cultural anthropology - Located in the GN300's.

If you need help writing an Ethnography, take a look at the books on Ethnology Authorship.

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