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Provided by the Secretary of State, you may search for business entities, their officers or their registered agents, and access content pertinent to business in Mississippi. You may also file certain documents on-line, order certificates of good standing, or view a list of commercial registered agents.


Gross state product - Both real and nominal output by state and industry. Historical data back to 1977.

State personal income - Quarterly and annual income, with a six-month lag on the quarterly data. Data presented by state and industry.

Local area personal income - County-level annual income data by state and industry, with links to employment data.

Consumer Price Index - The most commonly used measure of inflation. Price indexes for the U.S., Census regions, size of city, with cross-classifications of regions and size classes, with 26 local area indexes.

Monthly/annual employment - Data from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security publication "Annual Averages." includes both residential- and establishment-based employment, unemployment rates, and civilian labor force for counties, metropolitan areas, and the state.

County/state employment from BEA - Both county- and state-level employment data by industry.

Tax collections - Tax data, including annual and monthly tax reports.

Interest rates - Various interest rates from the Federal Reserve. Updated daily.

County Business Patterns - Estimates of county-level economic activity. Site allows users to specify geographic area of interest.

Gaming - Several reports, including tax receipts, gross revenue, and quarterly survey results.


Census Data - A menu-driven database containing socioeconomic data from the Census. Data are available at regional, state, county, and tract levels.

County population - Detailed data for state and county-level population data, including historical data and population by age, gender, and race.

Crime reports - Information from FBI Crime Reports. County-level data available.

Data Mississippi - Hosted by the Clarion Ledger, this site provides access to bankruptcy filings, building permit data, court case and divorce listings, marriages, and related government information. Also includes searchable land rolls and selected educational data.

Directory of State and County Officials (pdf) 

   Provides an online gateway to statistics published by Federal agencies reporting expenditures of at least $50,000 per year.

Guide to State Statistical Abstracts

Index of PEER Reports by Subject
PEER reports are compiled by the Mississippi Legislature, Joint Legislative Committee on Performance Evaluation and Expenditure Review (PEER).

Kid's Count Data Center: Mississippi
Includes demographic, education, economic, and health statistics for children in Mississippi.

Mississippi Fact Sheet
Hosted by the Census Bureau.

Mississippi MapSTATS

Mississippi Population Trends
From the Census Bureau.

Mississippi Official & Statistical Register (Blue Book) (Economics & Statistics)

Mississippi: Handbook of Selected Data

Mississippi Statistical Data Book

State & County Quick Facts: Mississippi (U.S. Census Bureau)

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Mississippi statistical abstract


Mississippi Business Journal - You can read up to one year ago online and the library has print copies of the most recent issues.

Publications from the Mississippi Institute of Higher Learning:
Mississippi's Business - A monthly publication which includes leading and coincident economic indicators and other topics of interest.

Mississippi Economic Review and Outlook - presents the state economic forecast. It includes articles on economic issues facing the state, as well as detailed forecast and historical tables. Published twice yearly.