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How do I find books and locate them in the library?

Obtain a Call Number

To determine the call number for books, journals, audio-visual and other library materials, use the library online catalog which can be accessed from the library Web page. Four types of basic searches are available: keyword, author, title, and subject heading. Other search options are also available, but these four basic searches will meet most of your needs. Select a search type and enter the word(s) you want to find in the search box.

If the catalog has records containing your search words, the records will be displayed in a Brief Record Hit List in the case of multiple records or a Full Record in the case of a single hit. Both the list and the full record will contain the Location of the material, the Call Number, the Volume number in the case of multi-volume works, the type of Material (book, microfilm, etc.), and the Status if the item (whether it on the shelf, checked out, lost, etc.)


  • Determine the Location

    Common library locations include:

    Book Stacks

    These are the regular shelves located in the 3 level tiers, 3-East, and 3-West.


    Materials found in the Periodicals Room, main floor west wing.


    Materials found in the Reference Room, main floor east wing.


    Materials on the low shelves in the 3-East Reading Room.


    Special Collections are designated by name (Welty, Smith, Johnson,etc.)

    Location signs are posted throughout the building. If you have a question about the location of materials, ask at the front desk.


  • Find the Materials

    Materials are arranged in Call Number order on the shelves in their respective areas. Refer to the help sheet titled Library of Congress Classification to learn how to read call numbers.

    As stated above, call number location charts are posted throughout the library and handouts are available at the front desk.

    If the Materials are not on the shelf, check:

    Reshelving Shelves: Shelves labeled "Do not reshelve books. Leave them here." Are located throughout the library. If you use a book within the library but do not check it out, please return it to one of the reshelving shelves.


    Ask at the front desk: Library staff will assist you in finding the materials or will fill out a search form. You will be notified by e-mail when the materials are located.


    If the Materials are checked out:

    Go to the front desk and request a Hold. As soon as the materials are returned to the library, you will be notified by e-mail. The materials will be held at the front desk for 3 days.


    For more information and assistance ask at the front desk or any staff member.


  • Check out the materials

    Take the materials you wish to check out to the front desk. You must have your Millsaps ID card with you to check out materials. Books may be checked out by students for 21 days. Check-out periods vary with other materials. Overdue fines on books are $.10 per day.


  • Return materials

    Return checked-out materials to the front desk or leave them in the book drop after hours. Do not leave them in other parts of the library.

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