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How can I find Historical Stock Quotes?

Some free financial websites allow you to enter a US ticker symbol and a specific date and get the stock's closing value on that date, but not a series of values.  Big Charts will do this:  click on the Historical Quotes tab

Yahoo! Finance: Historical Quotes is a notable exception: here you can specify a date (back to the 1960's), US stock symbol, and specify daily, weekly, monthly or just dividend information, and Yahoo will produce a table of the numerical values as well as providing a link to a downloadable Spreadsheet format.  Go to

, search for a company by ticker symbol, then click Historical Prices.

The historical stock price websites only work for companies that are still in business, trading under the same symbol.

Where can I get stock price information for a defunct company?

Historical stock quotes for a company no longer in business can be found in the Daily Stock Price Record volumes. Millsaps Library does not own the Daily Stock Price Record, but the main branch of the Jackson Hinds Library has these volumes in their reference area.  They can be found beginning at  R 332.6322 S785DA.


General newspapers publish daily stock price listings  from the national and regional exchanges. Coverage varies, but the Millsaps Library does have the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal online and on microform.  Ask at the desk if you need help.

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