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1. Copyright

The Millsaps-Wilson Library observes the General Revision of the Copyright Law (Title 17 of the United States Code) and subsequent amendments to that law. Only materials that can be used under the “Fair Use” clause can be placed on reserve.

The library will enforce the following rules when instructors request that an item be placed on reserve:

Photocopied materials must meet the tests of brevity, spontaneity, and cumulative effect. Instructors may place a maximum of one photocopy for every 10 students enrolled in a course (the total limit is five photocopies). The library will not photocopy the materials to be placed on reserve. Likewise, the library assumes that all photocopied materials placed on reserve were obtained legally. All photocopied materials will have a copyright notice stamped on them. Unless the instructor receives written permission from the author, all materials will be taken off reserve at the end of the semester and returned to the instructor. Likewise, materials that were placed on reserve one semester may not be put on reserve again unless the instructor has that author’s permission. The library will not accept photocopies of entire books. Groups of materials that are in “anthology” form will not be put on reserve. Instructors should restrict photocopied materials to one course during a semester. While the reserves are checked out, the user (and not the library) is responsible for ensuring that the materials are used according to the Copyright Law. Also, notices are placed next to each photocopier in the building.

2. How can reserves be checked out?

Users must present a valid Millsaps ID card when they request reserve materials.

3. How long can reserves items be checked out?

Course instructors decide how long each user may check out materials that they have placed on reserve, often depending on the number of students in the class, how soon the material must be read, etc. Usually, the time periods for reserves checkout are:
1 Hour-closed (may not leave the library)
2 Hours-closed (may not leave the library)
3 Hours-closed (may not leave the library)
Overnight (due the first hour on the next day)
1 Day-open (due the last hour on the next day)
3 Day-open (due the last hour on the 3rd day)
If instructors need to place materials on reserve for a different time period, they should contact the Circulation Supervisor.

4. Where can reserves be checked out?

Reserve materials are checked out at the Circulation Desk.

5. Who places materials on reserve?

Millsaps College faculty and staff, primarily course instructors, place materials on reserve each semester. To put an item on reserve, please fill out a placement form at the Circulation Desk.

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