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2. Copiers/Phones/Fax


The Library has two copiers, one located in the periodicals room on the main floor and one in Archives. Copies are $.10 each. The copy machines use change or 1 or 5 dollar bills.


Students may use the phone booth on the basement level for local calls. See the Library Map to help find the phone booth or ask directions at the library circulation desk.

Cell Phones

You may use your cell phone quietly.

* Please turn cell phone ringers off or set to vibrate as you enter the library.
* If you have an emergency cell phones may be used, with discretion, in the main staircase landing in the east side of the building.
* Do not make or take calls in the library lobby, the common study areas, or in the reference areas.
* Do not make or take calls in the computer lab areas.


Students may use the Library fax machine to send and receive faxes. There is no charge to receive faxes or to send faxes to local numbers. For long distance faxes, we charge $2.00 for the first five pages and $.50 for each additional page. For international faxes we charge $10.00 for the first five pages and $.50 for each additional page. The fax machine is located in the library office. Ask a staff member to help you.

3. How can I get on-line help with library databases?

Contact one of the librarians.

4. Is eating, drinking or use of tobacco allowed in the library?

You may drink non-alcoholic beverages from approved containers in the library. Approved containers must have a secure lid. Eating and tobacco in any form are forbidden in the library.

This is not to intended to inconvenience our users; it is to protect the materials and equipment in the library. Eating encourages insects (most notably roaches and silverfish) to infest the collection. Smoke is also very harmful to books and computers. If you bring food into the library, it will be confiscated. If you smoke in the library, or are using chewing tobacco, you will be asked to leave.

5. Is there a phone in the library that I can use?

There is a public phone available for use on the lower level of the library in a phone booth. Go down the stairs as if to leave the library, turn left past the front doors, go down another flight of stairs and turn left through the doorway. There will be a phone booth directly in front of you. There is no charge to use this phone which can be used only for on-campus and local calls. Please keep your calls brief.

6. When is the Library open?

See, the hours calendar for a list of our hours.

7. Where are the restrooms?

The restrooms in the library are located in the East side of the building on the lower level and the upper level.

To reach the restrooms on the lower level: go the the very bottom of the main staircase. The women's room will be straight ahead. The men's room will be to the left and down the corridor past the phone booth.

To reach the restrooms on the upper level: go to the top of the main stairs, the men's room is on the left and the women's room is on the right.

8. Where is the Library located?

The Millsaps-Wilson Library is located on the east end of the campus, between the Academic Complex building and the sorority houses. It is directly across from the Olin Science building. See the Campus Map for more information.

Driving Directions to Millsaps College

From I-55:
Take Woodrow Wilson Exit #98A to second light. Turn left on North State Street. Go up the hill and past the first light to circular drive; turn right to enter campus. Park in the circular driveway. The Library is on the left side of the circular driveway when facing the clock tower.

9. Where is the photocopier?

The Library has one copier located in the periodicals room on the main floor.  Copies are $.10 each.

The copier takes dollar bills, quarters, dimes and nickels.  It will make enlargements or reductions. Regular copies cost .10. The copier will not make transparencies, nor does it copy front and back. The machines accept change and $1, $5 and $10 bills.

There are also microfilm and microfiche copiers with the microform collection. Copies are .10 and the machines accept dimes only.

10. Who may use the Millsaps library?

The Millsaps-Wilson Library is maintained by and for constituents of the College. In order to use the resources of the library, one must carry a valid Millsaps I.D. card or a special Library Borrowing Card. Current students, faculty and staff are the primary users, and special provisions are made for Alumni, Methodist ministers of the Mississippi Conference, and emeriti faculty. Courtesy Cards are available to individuals over 18 years of age at a cost of $100 per year. The library also honors InfoPass referrals from other local libraries, and scholars from distant institutions may use the library for limited periods if they bring a letter of referral from their academic librarian on letterhead stationary.

Users of the Methodist and College Archives need only register upon entering: Appointments are recommended due to the mornings-only schedule of the Archives.

The library serves the general public through Interlibrary Lending arrangements with public and academic libraries.

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